Tyntel Services


About us

How do we operate?


Tyntel services staff are trained to have the necessary qualifications, to deal with all requirements relating to the industry. our staff and contractors are all AVSEC CO trained as a minimum requirements in all areas of their operations.


A wide range of experts and support networks operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to meet clients needs, handled by a dedicated client service desk, which is operated by customer focused and experienced staff.


Our business demands that our staff provide customers with a responsible and reliable service at all times – No substitute


we understand our commitment to our customers, our standards of service and quality apply, irrespective of the size of the client or the complexity. We highly ask for a thorough feedback loop and client engagement to deliver a better service to help in cost cutting, improve efficiency, productivity and reward.


Driving licenses are checked on quarterly basis, with the exception of drivers that have six 6 points and above, this are monitored on a monthly basis.
Forklift certifications, CPC digital Tacho, Disclosures, UK National air cargo certificate are as well checked  3 months from their expiry date or renewal.


We pride ourselves of being a company of high integrity in all operations, to both our clients, employees, contractors and work place partners.
A service provider with no hidden agenda, friendly and a very approachable team.

Corporate social responsibility

Our conduct is based on our commitment on acting professionally, fairly and with integrity at all times.
We commit to operate and engage with our stakeholders to manage the social, environmental and ethical impact of our activities in the different industries in which we operate.

We highly expect our clients as well to adopt these similar principles in their responsibilities and adhere to our policies.